• Syscoin Platform

    The security of Bitcoin.
    Transactions faster than the Lightning network.
    Layer 2 scalability via Masternodes.
    Unparalleled innovation since 2014.

    Masternodes and Decentralized Governance

    Earn passive income while securing the network and voting on the future direction of the platform.

    Extensible Functionality via Syscoin Ethereum Bridge

    Fast scalable transactions on Syscoin with all of the smart contracting power of Ethereum. Move tokens back and forth between Syscoin and Ethereum with ease.

    Confirm transactions in 10 seconds or less.

    Syscoin's patent pending ZDAG technology enables industry-leading transaction confirmation times and security with zero middlemen making it ideal for point-of-sale. 

    Tokenize assets with 1 click

    Simple and fast asset creation on the most flexible tokenization platform in the industry.

    Scalability and speed first

    Syscoin can confirm transactions in seconds and scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

  • Syscoin Protocol


    The security of Bitcoin

    Syscoin is a fork of Bitcoin combined with Dash with added innovations from the Syscoin team. Syscoin keeps up with Bitcoin Core's proven and secure code and is already updated to Bitcoin 0.18. Syscoin can be merge-mined with Bitcoin, meaning that miners can reuse their proof-of-work from Bitcoin to also mine and secure the Syscoin blockchain.


    Transactions faster than the lightning network without the middlemen

    ZDAG is a patent pending technology developed by contributors to the Syscoin protocol. It is a layer-two solution that uses a zero-confirmation directed acyclic graph (DAG) to provide scalable transaction confirmation in 10 seconds or less without middlemen or liquidity limitations.


    One of the only networks with an independent attestation to its transaction speed claims

    The Syscoin protocol has been audited by Whiteblock, a respected blockchain research and development firm. The reports produced by Whiteblock attest to the fact that the Syscoin protocol has a sustained throughput of 40k-60k transactions per second with burst capacity up to 140k+ TPS.


    Masternodes allow the community to participate in the future of the protocol while earning rewards

    Users can bond 100,000 SYS into a masternode and help increase the speed and scalability of the Syscoin network while earning up to 20% ROI per year. Masternode holders have the ability to vote on proposals put forth by the Syscoin community through a decentralized governance mechanism.


    Syscoin's world-first zero counter-party bridge to Ethereum provides unparalleled flexibility

    The Syscoin team has developed a solution that allows for Bitcoin-style blockchains to interoperate with any Turing complete blockchain via a two-way sidechain. Ethereum will be the first deployment of this innovation. It will allow Syscoin holders and SPT developers to leverage the power of the Ethereum ecosystem, smart contracts. It will also enable Ethereum developers and users to harness the power of Syscoin's cheap, fast transactions and high throughput. The bridge is two-way allowing for tokens to move both ways between the Syscoin and Ethereum blockchains.

  • Lightning Fast Confirmation

    Confirm transactions in 10 seconds or less

    Syscoin's patent pending ZDAG technology uses a DAG to provide transaction settlement in 10 seconds or less.

    Backed by the security of Bitcoin proof-of-work

    All transactions on the Syscoin network are backed by Bitcoin's proof-of-work. Additionally Syscoin is merge-mined with Bitcoin. The computing power that secures the Bitcoin blockchain also helps to secure Syscoin's blockchain.

  • Masternodes and Decentralized Governance

    Passive income through masternodes

    Earn rewards for contributing to network throughput and services

    It only costs 100,000 SYS to start your first masternode and begin contributing the network while earning rewards at the same time. Masternode holders can earn up to 20% ROI per year.

    Vote on proposals and steer Syscoin's future

    Drive the future of Syscoin through voting on development and marketing proposals

    Masternode holders are able to vote on propoals submitted by the community of developers helping to advance the Syscoin project. These votes help determine which proposals get funded each month.


    Check out this month's proposals on Syshub.org!

  • The Syscoin Ethereum Bridge

    A first of its kind, zero-counterparty bridge between Syscoin and Ethereum that enables tokens to move back and forth between both blockchains.


    The bridge can be with Syscoin tokens, Syscoin Platform tokens (SPT) and Ethereum ERC20.


    Burn SPT

    Provably burn SPT on the Syscoin blockchain.


    Mint ERC20

    Use proof-of-burn from the Syscoin blockchain to mint ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain 1:1 with burned SPTs from Syscoin.


    Leverage Ethereum Ecosystem

    Use SPT ERC20 with Ethereum smart contracts and the plethora of existing wallets and services that support ERC20 tokens.


    Burn SPT ERC20

    Provably burn ERC20 on the Ethereum blockchain.


    Mint SPT

    Use proof-of-burn from the Ethereum blockchain to mint SPT tokens on the Syscoin blockchain 1:1 with burned SPT ERC20s from Ethereum.


    Leverage Syscoin Ecosystem

    Use SPT on Syscoin for fast, scalable transactions and low transaction costs.