• Tokenize Assets in Seconds

    Syscoin Platform Tokens (SPT) can be created in seconds and provide industry-leading transaction confirmation times backed by the security of Bitcoin proof-of-work

  • Token creation in seconds

    Easily tokenize a project in seconds using Syscoin Platform Tokens

    Syscoin Platform Tokens

    An easy to use, fast and extensible tokenization platform

    Ready to start your next project? Have an asset you want to tokenize? The Syscoin Token platform is custom designed from the ground up to be fast, simple, and easy to use. Creating your first token requires zero coding knowledge and takes just a few clicks.


    Learn how to create your token in seconds.

  • Fast Transactions powered by patent-pending ZDAG technology

    Confirms transactions within 10 seconds or less. Scales to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

  • Bridge SPT to ERC20

    First of its kind interoperability. Use Syscoin with Ethereum smart contracts.

    The speed and scalability of Syscoin.

    The smart contracting power of Ethereum.

    The Syscoin Ethereum Bridge provides DApp developers with massive scalability, speed and low fees combined with the flexibility of Ethereum's smart contracting platform.


    The bridge leverages the strength of both ecosystems enabling each to focus on their strengths. Syscoin provides fast, scalable and cheap transactions secured by Bitcoin. Ethereum provides an industry leading smart contract platform with the most developers and a large pre-existing ecosystem of wallets, exchanges, and services that support ERC20 tokens.